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Capital Investment Advisors (CIA) clients receive superior financial guidance from a diverse and experienced group of advisors, all of whom are committed to serving the clientís best interests. CIA is comprised of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERô practitioners, tax professionals, investment veterans, a real estate specialist, an investment analyst, tax counselors and small business owners. This unique setup gives clients the opportunity to have all of their financial planning needs met in one place. The personalities of our team members and intimate size of our firm create a culture of team collaboration. Working together and drawing on each otherís strengths, CIA is able to develop a winning strategy for each of our clients.

What is unique about you?

Our investment philosophy is to question the conventional wisdom of the day. We donít jump on the current "hot" trend. We strategically select investments that show potential for sustained growth, while trading at attractive market prices.

How do you work with clients?

Every CIA client works directly with a personal investment advisor. You will never deal with an unfamiliar, uninformed middleman. Your portfolio is created specifically to address your situation and goals, and is followed on a daily basis by the CIA team. In addition, because of our team approach, your questions can be answered by any one of our advisors at any time. At CIA, our top priority is to help you sleep well at night knowing that you are on course to meet your long-term financial goals. We call this the SWAN (Sleep Well at Night) approach. You may call it something else Ė a grandchild goes to college, a retirement is secured or a new business takes shape.

What type of client does the firm serve best?

Investing for your future is a critical life task. It is your money, and you should understand the decisions being made by your financial advisors. At CIA, we make every effort to educate our clients on our investment strategies and approaches so they believe in the ideas as much as their advisor does.