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Here’s what we like to tell our clients: “What’s most interesting about you is that you don’t fit a mold. And you don’t want to. At SageBroadview, we get that about you. In fact, we love it. Trouble is, doing “different” takes extra time and energy. You’re plenty busy living your life. You know your financial affairs are a critical catalyst, but who’s got time to fine-tune the engine when you’re already running at top speed?”

That’s where SageBroadview comes in. As far as we’re concerned, “good enough” shouldn’t be good enough for OUR CLIENTS. That’s why we’re excited about optimizing their personal finances. Helping interesting (busy) people create a peaceful and prosperous life – that’s our “different.”

Our professional stats: SageBroadview is an independent, Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisory firm, specializing in providing busy professionals and their families with holistic financial planning and money management services. We help clients build strong financial plans and personal investment portfolios, while seeking to preserve hard-won equity within their thriving professional practices. We also help corporate executives make the best use of their company stock options and similar compensation packages according to their individual goals.

Our firm philosophy: LEARNING and EDUCATING, with an emphasis on applying academic evidence to sensible, real-life investing; CARING for our clients in a fiduciary relationship; and SIMPLIFYING busy professionals’ financial affairs.

What is unique about you?

Busy professionals are often unsure how to champion their own financial highest interests, especially when it comes to adeptly managing their equity compensation opportunities. Principal Sheri Iannetta Cupo, CFP has first-hand experience as a former corporate executive faced with similar concerns. We help you build a working relationship between your personal and professional assets, offering sage direction and expertise in managing practice earnings, stock options and similar equity compensation structures.

How do you work with clients?

FINANCIAL PLANNING. REDISCOVER YOUR FREE TIME:  We begin with process – full-service, tightly attuned, expertly applied to help you enjoy rather than chase your life’s pursuits. Our First-Year Process is followed by Ongoing Financial Planning, designed to:

1. Identify, organize and enhance your financial affairs – your greatest opportunities as well as your biggest challenges.

2. Align your financial planning with what you want most out of life – whatever is meaningful and true to you.

3. Cover a spectrum of related planning areas, including goals, financial independence, tax, insurance, estate, education and equity compensation.

4. Release you from complexities that you don’t remember signing up for to begin with, providing personal, encompassing care. We don’t rest there. With your financial planning covered, we integrate expert Money Management as another essential step toward financial freedom.


MONEY MANAGEMENT. SET YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS AND GO: As with our Financial Planning, your clearly defined personal goals serve as our beacon for your money management. Setting sights on these goals, SageBroadview helps you make better decisions, with investing that make sense for you. Decades of academic evidence make it clear: There are endless market factors over which we have no control. That same evidence exposes what we can control. We help you equip your investment portfolio accordingly: 

1. Wise investors understand that the best way to capture long-term market returns is to build a portfolio that reflects their goals and risk tolerance … and sit tight for the rocky ride.

2. Risk and reward are related. Guided by your goals, we build your custom portfolio from a blend of riskier and more stable investments to keep you on target to your desired outcome.

3. While some amount of market risk is essential, by diversifying that risk across numerous securities, it’s possible to smooth out some of the extremes, helping you better stay on course.

4. Costs matter. That’s why we turn to fund families such as Dimensional Fund Advisors to implement these sound principles as cost-effectively and tax-efficiently as possible.


SageBroadview Money Management covers the lifecycle of your investment activities, from initial planning and implementation; through monitoring, reporting and rebalancing; onward to effective distributions for spending.

What type of client does the firm serve best?

FOR CORPORATE EXECUTIVES/OWNERS:  Good advice is hard to find. We know that, because we’ve been there. In an earlier career, Principal Sheri Iannetta Cupo applied her business savvy at a top Fortune 500 company where she received generous stock options. She looked for help but  she couldn’t find anyone deeply committed to helping professionals like herself with promising compensation packages or other challenging business income requirements, but little time or expertise to make the most of that promise.  Undaunted, Sheri obtained her CFP® credentials, specializing in corporate compensation structures. Today, SageBroadview offers a hands-on process and personal passion for guiding corporate executives and other business professionals according to individual tax-management, life-planning and retirement goals. From analysis, education and strategy, to implementation and electronic monitoring, we advise on:

• Employee stock purchase plans

• Stock options including incentive and non-qualified options

• Restricted stock and restricted stock units

• Stock appreciation rights and stock-settled appreciation rights

• Deferred compensation plans


FOR OTHER BUSY PROFESSIONALS: For business owners, physicians, dentists, attorneys and other busy professionals – we understand what it takes to build a strong investment portfolio for you and your family, without undermining the hard-won equity required to sustain your thriving practice.


A Sage Choice Among Professionals:  Your personal and professional assets must be carefully managed as distinct components within your financial plan, but physicians, dentists, attorneys, business owners and other busy professionals know another vital truth: You are a whole person, greater than your parts. Your career, family, community and individual passions are often as inseparable as they are distinct.


We understand that, because we are busy professionals ourselves, managing our firm and experiencing many of the same challenges and opportunities as you. Additionally, before joining the accounting firm of Del Conte, Hyde, Annello & Schuch, P.C. (DHAS) and before founding its financial planning arm, Principal Larry Annello served as Chief Financial Officer for two privately-owned companies, bringing him valuable insight and additional experience that benefits our business owner clients.


We are committed to bringing order to the often disparate financial pieces in your hectic life by combining robust investment portfolio management with solid financial life planning. We enjoy rolling up our sleeves to deliver a tightly crafted process as well as seasoned expertise in the multiple facets of your life.