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Account Minimum

less than $50k

Advisor Overview


Hourly, fee-only, comprehensive or project financial planning. Expertise in trusts, income real estate, insurance, asset management selection, military and federal benefits, retirement planning and withdrawal strategies. Licensed insurance advisor, Maryland.

What is unique about you?

Experience as a military officer, hospital administrator, commercial real estate broker, life insurance agent, bank trust department vice president (2 banks), money manager representative, and hourly financial advisor. Also a personal real estate investor in residential income properties and hard money lender (not active now).

How do you work with clients?

We have face-to-face meetings and audio/video internet meetings with clients all over the world. Usually a comprehensive plan will include three face-to-face meetings and one interactive session viewing the planning software online as we walk through the financial plan and adjust as necessary.

What type of client does the firm serve best?

All types of clients are served, however we tend to have a significant number of single, widow, or divorced women clients plus a large number of LGBT couples along with 30-somethings and 50-somethings worried about retirement and college funding.