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Better Financial Education provides insight into sustainable retirement income through peer reviewed published research. Retirement is also a common goal for pre-retirees. Better Financial Education uses the family Standard of Individual Living (SOIL) as the benchmark for retirement savings and income once retired. Other goals are integrated into the retirement plan as desired by each client. Better Financial Education also applies academic research to portfolio management. This is accomplished through the use of institutional index funds for key asset classes. Risk and return go hand in hand and each client portfolio is designed with their risk capacity and tolerance in mind to achieve an efficient return. In summary, a plan that is measurable and dynamic is developed and then implemented and monitored through an investment philosophy that is also academically based. Many behavioral aspects are incorporated into the planning and implementation processes. Overall, processes are better than product when it comes to both planning and implementation of putting the plan into action. Many people confuse product with process and planning. We make sure you keep the cart behind the horse. Many people confuse investing with planning. You should have a plan in order to know how to measure investment and plan success.

What is unique about you?

The need for planning developed early with me because planning ahead is critical when you are a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. I learned early that it requires planning to reach your destination (goal), but also alternates along the way also need to be planned in case you can`t get there for whatever reason (weather or maintenance malfunctions, etc). Planning ahead and consideration of "what-if" scenarios fit perfectly into planning with money. My book, "Wealth Odyssey," describes how to view and relate all the financial planning topics coherently together. How does estate planning relate to retirement planning and risk management together? What are you really trying to do with your money? My BS cum laude Physics also has given me insight into how to view retirement planning dynamically rather than a set-and-forget product solution. Peer-reviewed published research into the area of how to sustain retirement distributions from your assets is a unique qualfication that only a few others have. People can make smarter choices and decisions when they have a better financial education. That`s where the business developed ... a process as to how to empower you.

How do you work with clients?

I schedule a series of meetings so you may thoroughly evaluate and decide at each stage. There is no pressure or multiple contacts between meetings to pester you. The first meeting provides you and I insight for both of us. There are things I need to know about you. This is NOT where typical first meetings tend to concentrate. Typical first meetings tend to concentrate on them and their product line. Instead, we discuss, first and foremost, what you are trying to do with your money and where you are coming from. We also discuss investment philosophy in general so you can decide if that fits with yours. The second meeting will cover the specifics of a retirement assessment with the specifics depending on your status and timeline to retirement. A Social Security optimization strategy will also be incorporated. Other goal assessments as desired will also be discussed. Subsequent meeting(s) are based on you and your comfort level as we proceed accordingly. You may even decide not to become a client at this point ... the choice is always yours. Fees are based on whether you want to become an hourly-based client or if you want to move assets over for management of them for your goals. We will discuss your options and it is your choice. More information is at BetterFinancialEducation.com. You may get a sense of my philosophy and approach at my blog: blog.BetterFinancialEducation.com

What type of client does the firm serve best?

The typical client wishes to retain control of their destiny. However, they are not fully aware of how to measure and monitor the economy and markets so they can make wise decisions about their assets and wishes. Clients consult to learn more about pros and cons of various decisions. Their plan and investments are constructed to support those decisions.