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We are financial planners first and foremost. We work to determine what our clients are trying to accomplish, how much time to accomplish it, and what the resources they have to to achieve those specific goals. Then together we developed an investment strategy: a plan for reaching those goals. Then and only then, will we design a portfolio which, at long-term historic rates of return, we`ll get our clients where you need to go. Once we have developed a high quality investment portfolio which will accomplish our clients long-term goals, we become in a very real sense, a behavioral coach, helping our clients to continue to make good decisions, and avoiding making inappropriate decisions. Our philosophy of advice is that by far the most important factor determining the long-term investment returns people get in real life is their own behavior. So we are not trying to predict market movements or when markets will peak or bottom out - which no one can do consistently - but managing our client's response to the euphoria at market tops and to the panic and despair which are all very human reactions around market bottoms.

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Our approach is goal focused and planning driven, rather than being based on some attempt to outguess the economy or the markets. We are convinced that all successful investing involves constantly acting to the realization of one's goals, and all unsuccessful investing is based on reacting to whatever the markets happen to be doing at the moment. Thus, our first step towards a working relationship is to get a shared understanding of your most important financial goals. Then we look at your current financial condition and consider the time remaining for the realization of your objectives, such as when you want to retire or when the children or grandchildren will be going to college. Finally, we look at what investments you currently have and what additional sums you could add to the investments before you need to start drawing on them. Once this is completed, we then take a look to ensure all the advanced planning has been successfully addressed including ensuring the proper estate planning has been created, minimizing the tax effects, and working on an ongoing basis with the full financial advisory team of the client such as the CPA and trust estate attorney to ensure implementation of the strategies.