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Raul Elizalde began his investment career as a trader for Salomon Brothers Inc. in the mid 1980s. He later became Global Fixed Income and Quantitave Strategist for ING Barings, Head of Research at Santander Investment Securities, and Fixed Income and Emerging Markets Strategist for Banc of America Securities, all based in New York City. Raul advised portfolio managers across the US and throughout the world, and has made presentations at the World Bank, the Council of The Americas, the American Association of Individual Investors, and other organizations. He ranked among the top strategists in his field. His research work has been cited in the Journal of Portfolio Management. Raul has an MS degree in engineering from University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and an MBA degree from University of California at Los Angeles. He was licensed as a NYSE Supervisory Analyst and currently holds a NASAA 66 certification. Raul moved to Sarasota with his wife and their two daughters in 2002. He worked in real estate investments and as chief compliance officer for a local broker-dealer before launching Path Financial LLC, an Investment Advisory firm, in 2008. Raul is deeply involved in his community. He serves on the board of the State College of Florida Foundation, where he heads the Asset Management Committee; at the Church of the Redeemer, where he is part of the Endowment Committee; at Sarasota Crew Rowing Club, a youth rowing organization, and at various other local organizations.

What is unique about you?

We build and manage portfolios of financial assets for our clients using a process that involves diversification, periodic rebalancing and downside risk control. The disciplined nature of this process means that we don’t react emotionally to market conditions but rather act according to a plan. The goals are to limit losses when markets go down, and to increase engagement when markets trend up.

How do you work with clients?

Our clients use independent third-party custodians such as Charles Schwab & Company who provide full access to their accounts. Path Financial then manages those accounts on an ongoing basis. Path Financial charges a fee based on the value of assets under management at the beginning of each quarter. We buy and sell securities for our clients through custodians who charge commissions on those trades, but we do not receive any portion of those commissions.

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