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Y H & C Investments: A Thoughtful and Sensitive Approach to Managing Money “ Money is an intimate possession for most people and a great deal of thought should be given about where to invest capital, how the asset allocation is structured, and what percentage of resources should be allocated to specific asset classes. All of these decisions should be decided based on client objectives and constraints. The most important characteristic an individual should possess when having a relationship with an investment advisor is TRUST. If it is lacking, many individuals will not follow through with their investment plan when the situations become more difficult. In order to achieve the investment results one wants, it is important to work with an advisor who can determine the desired path and have the discipline to stay the course while facing challenging and volatile markets. Yale Bock is a state registered investment advisor (Nevada and FINRA licensed) located in Las Vegas who started investing his own money as a teacher at 25 years of age. He has been an individual investor for nearly 20 years, managed client money since 2004, and is a hard working member of society who understands that for most families every dollar earned is important. As a father and husband, he also faces the challenge of meeting life goals like buying a house, putting kids through college, and retirement. He has attained the gold standard of finance with the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, where the where the guiding principle is putting clients` interests first. Y H & C Investments is committed to doing the best it can to enable each client to meet all of their financial goals.

What is unique about you?

Y H & C Compared to Commercial Banks Banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, and others all have investment branches which offer clients the alternative of investing through various avenues - a mutual fund arm, wealth management, private equity, or a hedge fund division. Most of the time, clients are referred to an individual that is called a financial advisor who then places the client in funds that are managed by mutual fund managers within the bank. The financial advisor usually gets a commission for placing the client in those bank mutual funds. This is clearly a conflict of interest because the client is placed in funds that may not be the best funds for the client or might not be the best performing fund in an area the client is interested in. Y H & C is different in that I have no financial interest in the purchase of any specific mutual funds; I do not earn commissions on such purchases. Y H & C is Different From Financial Planning Companies Many financial service companies offer financial planning and are focused on strategic asset allocation and projecting necessary financial returns based on retirement objectives. There are many financial planners who do an excellent job of analyzing asset allocation and the returns required to meet various objectives. However, the difference between Y H & C and financial planners is in the process used to select individual equities and other equity related assets. Many financial planners use ETFs and index funds to avoid specific security risk and ensure diversification. Many investors find this an excellent way of managing risk and gaining exposure to various equity markets. Y H & C looks to find equities that outperform indexes and benchmarks and concentrates assets in these securities.

How do you work with clients?

Separately Managed Accounts Y H & C Investments is a boutique investment management company. Clients get special attention in creating accounts which are tailored to meet their specific life goals. In this light, Yale Bock works personally with each client to structure a portfolio which is well thought-out and aligned with each investor`s situation. Separately managed accounts can be taxable accounts or tax advantaged accounts. Taxable Accounts are managed with the knowledge that there are differences in capital gains rates, and each investor - from private persons to pension funds and other corporate entities - might have a different approach regarding tax liabilities. Taxable accounts managed by Y H & C Investments have a minimum asset level of $50,000 dollars. All accounts managed by Y H & C Investments use TD Ameritrade as a custodian and all assets are placed in a separate account, owned by and using the name of the client, regardless of whether the client is a person, business, or organization. Clients have access to the TD Ameritrade site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to check the status of their accounts. There is no mixing of clients assets at TD Ameritrade. Tax Advantaged accounts are Regular IRA`s, Roth IRA`s, 401 Rollover Accounts, 401K plans, SEP plans for small businesses, and 403b plans for public employees. As tax advantaged accounts have unique advantages in building wealth, specific plans for these accounts are based on each client`s goals and strategies. All accounts managed by Y H & C Investments use TD Ameritrade as a custodian and all assets are placed in a separate account, owned by and using the name of the client, regardless of whether the client is a person, business, or organization. Like taxable acounts, all accounts use TD Ameritrade as a custodian and 24-7 access to the accounts is available. The $50,000 dollar minimum also applies.

What type of client does the firm serve best?

Y H & C Investments works with many working professionals who are interested in building their wealth. Employees work in high tech firms, have their own companies, or in specialized areas. Y H & C especially enjoys working with younger clients passionate about investing capital. Why Y H & C? How We are Different Meet Yale Bock Investment Philosophy Our Strategy Our Clients Our Fees Strategic Alliances Services Separately Managed Accounts Retirement Strategies Risk Management Wealthfront , Covestor, and C2 Blog Resources Contact Client Login Login/Log Out Get Started The type of clients Y H & C Investments serves are working professionals who want their capital invested for them and generally do not have the time to do it themselves. Most clients are relatively young and work in jobs where they have discretionary income which they want to save and use to build wealth.