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Brooks, Hughes & Jones provides investment management, financial planning and risk protection services for individuals, families, trusts and foundations and non-profit organizations. We are an independent Registered Investment Adviser held to the highest fiduciary standard to act in our clients` best interest. All three partners - Gary Brooks, Allyn Hughes and Nancy Jones - have earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER designation. We work as a team to provide three different perspectives on wealth management. As a team, we have committed to keeping our client base to less than 100 households. This allows us to deliver personalized solutions so that you can invest your time in other life pursuits.

What is unique about you?

Gary Brooks writes a monthly personal finance column for the Tacoma News Tribune. He has also been a featured talk show guest on PBS affiliate KBTC and a quoted source by Investment News and Dow Jones Newswires. We value communication and education to clarify the technical aspects of investments and financial planning.

How do you work with clients?

When we agree to work with you, our first focus will be to thoroughly understand your goals and values and their relationship to your financial means. We follow a six-step process of discovery, design of recommendations and delivery of service. Step 1: Listen We listen in an open forum to hear details of your current situation, your concerns, desires and goals and what expectations you have for professional advice and money management. Step 2: Discover We gather the necessary questionnaires, current account statements and other data to better understand the puzzle that is your financial life. We design an investment strategy and financial plan that addresses your specific objectives. Often we incorporate “what if?” scenarios to help you understand possible outcomes to different situations. The framework of our investment management recommendations is delivered via a personal Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS will be used as a guide for ongoing investment decisions. Step 4: Deliver Our recommendations are presented in person. The investment strategy and financial plan outlines a course of action. These recommendations may cover investments, retirement planning, college savings, insurance, estate planning and other details dictated by your situation and your specific situation and opportunities. Step 5: Implement Brooks, Hughes & Jones will manage each step of the implementation of your financial plan. We will: Implement both the financial planning recommendations and investment management requirements of the plan, Work closely with you to understand our recommendations about insurance and risk protection measures, Coordinate closely with your other professional advisors to make sure that your specific needs are addressed. Step 6: Monitor We continuously monitor your financial situation and meet with you regularly to ensure that all aspects of your financial life are well cared for.

What type of client does the firm serve best?

We find that we demonstrate the most value for two types of clients: 1. Small business owners whose financial security in retirement is closely tied to the ownership succession plan of their business. This type of client often has the most complex set of options and opportunities for wealth management, financial planning and risk protection. 2. People who are in transition. Whether it be into retirement, or due to another significant life event, people who are at a point in their life where they want to make smart decisions about what is next make good clients. Often, these people are smart and capable of understanding their options but they are too busy living their lives to get bogged down by financial rules, regulations and the various options for how to manage money.